HireStar is India’s first blockchain powered Job & Verification portal.

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Simplifying Talent Acquisition

Decentralizing IT recruitment using blockchain

Reduction in hiring time by 50%

Removal of repetitive verification processes.

No more reliance on external third party agencies.

Secure. You can decide who can see your profile.

Cost reduction by 50%

No more fake profiles.

Highest Transparency

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HireStar (prev BlockRuit) was one of the winners at the Nasscom's NIPP Blockchain challenge 2018


HireStar is a recruitment & verification portal on Hyperledger blockchain

Delays and Long cycle time, Fake profiles, dependencies on external verification agencies etc. are some of the common problems in the IT recruitment process. HireStar Blockchain brings the key entities in the recruitment cycle under one roof to address and solve some of these issues.
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Following are the key stakeholders

Job Seekers or Candidates

  • Job seekers create their profile and provide degree certificates and past experience certificates.
  • Verify their identity.
  • Take online skill test
  • On clearing the test, take a video interview with SME (Subject matter expert)
  • A skill verified record gets created on blockchain
  • Search and apply to job’s that need these verified skills
  • Currently only IT profiles are supported.

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

  • SME’s create profile and get verified.
  • Provide their calendar free time to conduct video interviews to verify candidate skills.
  • Conduct the interview.
  • Provide detailed feedback on the skills of the candidate.
  • Get rewarded for each interview conducted.


  • Create admin profile and log in to the system.
  • Validate the degree certificate’s of their alumni students.
  • Get rewarded for each verification request fulfilled.
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  • Create admin profile and log in
  • Validate the employment history of their ex-employees
  • Create Job posting
  • Select from the skills verified applicants
  • Order background check (Degree & previous employment)
  • Hire candidates
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Congratulations for the wonderful platform HireStar. I am sure this would open a new door for recruitment and verification. Lot of redundancy is eliminated. The student background verification now can be done once unlike earlier where the verification is done for every application they make. Also as it is on blockchain only the additional qualification/skills obtained need be verified from time to time. - Dr. Vijaya Kumari, Director JHUB, JNTU
HireStar is a boon for recruiters. We can prevent fake profiles and the recruitment cycle time can be reduced from weeks to a couple of days - Vijay Bawra
Regional Head Nasscom 10000 startups program Andhra Pradesh & Telangana.
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